The Launchpad Accelerator​​

Take your business to new heights with our accelerator programme. 
Designed to help non-technical founders tap into the potential of digital, we can help you take the leap you need to drive success in the new business landscape. 

About The Launchpad Accelerator

We want to help early and growth stage founders explore the possibilities that lie at the intersection of their business and the new digital future that is opening up. 

We’ve designed the programme to be of particular use to those operating in the Fintech, Proptech, Martech, and Healthtech spaces. This is because these sectors are going to be most impacted by AI, Blockchain, automation, and data in the coming years. This is the frontier where the next wave of wealth generation will hit. 

We offer an ecosystem to nurture your business and your ambitions and support you on your journey to the next level of success. 

How The Launchpad Accelerator Can Help You

Joining the programme gives you access to a wide variety of benefits including access to skills, training and education, technology support and more. 

We will function as your technology partner, and take away a lot of the load when it comes to the technological side of your business. 

We can:

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The Launchpad Timeline

Each business is unique and so the exact process we take you through will be tailored to suit you. However, the typical stages of the journey look like this: 

  • Choose Your Business Model

    70% of wealth created in the next decade will be driven by platform-based businesses. You need a platform at the core of your business, and we’ll help you decide on the right model to build success on.

  • Dive Into Digital

    You may have deep expertise in your field, but that doesn’t always translate to knowledge and confidence in digital and technology. We’ll keep you informed and up to date on the latest trends, best practices and more in the tech space, so you can make key decisions with confidence.

  • Access Investment

    We have an ecosystem of investor partners and experience in raising funds and business investment. We can help you raise funds for your business to power growth.

  • Make Smart Decisions On Your Tech Stack

    98% of tech stacks are the same, but choosing them ends up being a long drawn out process that hampers businesses. We’ll help you save months by using technology like Terraform and Scaffold to give you a stack that’s ready to go when you are.

  • Find Your CTO

    We’ll help you get the right business partner and CTO to drive success now and in the future.

  • Build Your Team

    We will provide you with a virtual team to support you in the early stages. Once your business reaches critical mass we offer recruitment services to help you build the team that’s right for your business.

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