About Us

Our Vision of the New Future 

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Our Vision

The 2020s are set to usher in a new phase in human and business development. As our digital and physical worlds become evermore intertwined and the pace of change continues to accelerate a new normal is emerging. Businesses will need to be technology enabled, and operate using agile, platform-based business models.


With over two decades of experience in digital transformation and consultancy, New Future Foundation offers stakeholders the chance to participate and benefit from this brave new future. 

It’s estimated that about 70% of all new value in the economy over the next decade will be driven by these new business models. These models will be more sustainable, inclusive, and increasingly purpose driven. For those at the front of this new wave there is a huge opportunity to create the wealth generating businesses that will define a generation.

Unlocking the Future Potential

In a world of change, success can’t come from just one area. To deliver on our mission we focus our efforts in multiple areas that complement each other:

Our Team