39A Days​​

A lot can be achieved in one day. 
Sign up for a 39A day workshop and go from an idea
to a developed concept you can take to market. 

From What If To Let’s Do It

Ideas aren’t that hard to generate, they pop into your head all the time and usually when you least expect (or want) them. The hardest part can be making that step from ‘What if…?’ to ‘Let’s do it!’. 

Our 39A Days give you the chance to test and explore your ideas with a team of product designers, technologists, and business experts to identify the opportunities and be aware of the challenges ahead.

Spend a day with our team of product managers, futurists and technologists to help turn your idea into a business plan, minimum viable product and value proposition. 

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What Is A 39A Day Like?

Before we run the workshop with you we’ll find out a bit about what your idea is, what you want to do as a practical next step, and what your future vision is. Then we’ll make sure the workshop can help you move things forward.

To do this we use a variety of different methods and exercises. Sometimes we might use just one in a workshop, other times we may use several. Some of our approaches include:

We help you take your idea and explore how trends and technology could affect it in various ways. Through the applicaiton on emerging technology and cultural trends we can help you take your concept to the next level

Business Model Canvas – Capture the essentials of how your idea might work as a business by exploring and developing its value proposition, customers, partners, resources, costs, potential revenue streams and more. The Business Model Canvas is ideal for refining an idea into a viable model, and highlighting where you can succeed and where you need additional focus and work.  level

Value Proposition Canvas – Explore in depth your value proposition (what are you selling and what value does it add to potential customers) and your target audience. By exploring the strengths and weaknesses of your idea and getting clear on what it offers, and how this maps to the needs, goals, and pain points of your customers you can find out if your idea has legs. If not don’t panic – because the information that comes out of the Value Proposition Canvas gives you essential points for refining the idea to make it more sellable.

MVP Session – What is the minimum viable product you could put out into the market to test the viability of your idea? Don’t be overwhelmed by this, because sometimes an MVP can be very minimum indeed, and the data gathered from it can be invaluable. Dropbox’s MVP was a video hosted on a website that explained what the service would provide. They got over 70,000 emails inquiring about when the product would be available, so they knew the idea could run. We can help you work out options for your MVP and plan out how you can put it out there to test and learn.

Prepare to be challenged and have your assumptions and ideas tested. It’s all done in a friendly and supportive way, but we’re not here to tell you your idea will change the world. Instead we’ll help you work out if and how it could. 

Ready to Go?

If you’d like us to work with you on your very own 39A Day then get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need.