The Tipping Point; A New Age.

The Move to Digitisation – An Introduction

2020 signalled a tipping point in our economic history; whilst still feeling the pinch of the 2008 economic crash, we endured the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the changing tides of the BREXIT referendum and our subsequent withdrawal from the EU. The preceding three decades have seen wave after wave of transformational trends that have conspired to provide a perfect mix of disruption and opportunity. With the advent of the 2020s, these trends conspired to present the perfect conditions for transformation – a tipping point – from which we will see the creation of a new generation of wealth creators.  

Join us for a series of articles, interactive polls and educational content that sees us explore nine of those crucial trends and examine what they mean for our economy and business as we move into a new age of digital.  

It is the understanding of these nine trends and the impact they are having on the modern world that give rise to the New Future Foundation. They underpin our understanding of the present and what it means for the next decade, informing our worldview and provide us with the opportunity to participate in the next great wave of value creation.   

We will discuss our recent economic history, assess the current financial and cultural landscape and provide guidance for how we should move forward.  

In this nine-part series we invite you to understand, discuss and explore these trends with us – with the hope that it will inspire you to join us in participating in the mission of the New Future Foundation – to create the next generation of wealth creators.

The New Future Foundation’s mission is to educate, provide, create and grow start-ups in a new digital age. We want to inspire you to turn your ideas into the next Unicorn.

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