Tech stack of the future: New operating models

Research by Mergers & Acquisitions firm Equiteq, shows convergence of business operating models across sectors. A wide range of sectors are investing in new digital technology infrastructure which we refer to as a McDATA model.

This enables businesses to operate digitally at distance, at scale and in real time, through automation. This technology stack will form the backbone of the new economy and an awareness of this trend serves to underpin our new investment strategy.

As countries invest in strengthening their infrastructure, so do companies. “A technology stack, also called a technology infrastructure, or a data ecosystem, is a list of all the technology services used to build and run [a company]”(mixpanel). A business with digital technologies at the heart of their infrastructure will be in a great position to tackle the problems of the next ten years.

The ever-growing demand for data and automation has encouraged firms to search for operation models that enable this way of doing business.

As business operating models converge across sectors, companies will have to deal with enormous amounts of data. “The rollout of 5G and IoT devices are creating a surge in both mobile and fixed internet traffic which is expected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025 (one zettabyte is equal to a trillion gigabytes)”(WillisTowersWatson). If you fail to invest in a new tech stack you will be unable to handle the demands of this new economy.
Choosing your operating model

No matter what sector you work in your operating model will evolve dramatically in the 2020s. All industries will face this seismic shift in priorities over the next ten years. “PE firms have increasingly come to appreciate that the right technologies can provide more ways to probe the quality of a potential acquisition whose competitive positioning is increasingly influenced both directly and peripherally by the digital landscape.”(EY)

It is a trend that we and many others have identified. Digital infrastructure assets are critical to the functions of a wide range of sectors. Whether you operate a financial company looking “to reframe finance and reporting for a new, hyperconnected reality”(EY), or you’re a company looking to take your business overseas, digital technology infrastructure will be at the forefront of your mind.